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We Offer Compassionate Intervention and Life Coaching Services, Plus More

Coast to Coast in York Region, Ontario wants you to know that help and support are available to you. Our certified life coaches are here for anyone in need. If you, or someone you know, need help building a better life or dealing with a family crisis, you are more than welcome to contact to us and we come to you. We are International Coach Federation Certified (ICF).


We are dedicated to helping individuals become the best they can be. Every person is unique and has different personal life struggles. We help and guide each individual by creating a personalized program dedicated to their individual goals and independent growth.

About Us

Coast to Coast is a mobile business in York Region, Ontario that offers addiction intervention, health and wellness assistance, employment/success coaching, and life coaching services. We work with people struggling with addiction and self-esteem issues. We come directly to your home or location of the client's choice - removing all excuses to receiving help.


Zoë Roberts

Zoë has spent 16 years in the recruiting industry working with middle to senior management. She would consider herself always in the interventionist role, guiding people in career changes daily. She is a certified life coach.

Zoë is known for her high energy, drive, and strong intuitive ability. She has always been interested in helping others. That is why she decided to become a life coach; it seemed like a natural progression in her career. Once Zoë began working with clients, she quickly realized there was a need for intervention services. 

Working in all areas of addiction has become her passion. She works with the person’s family to prepare and educate them on the addiction and the complete intervention process. After going through and completing the treatment, Zoë and the other coaches will work with the client on the various aspects of his/her life, from the simplest of life skills to employment/success coaching.  Zoë works closely with individuals - coaching them as they leave treatment and are integrating back to their new "sober" path.

Phillip Prins

Are you or anyone you know considered “The Failure to Launch Generation”? Feeling lost in life and having no certain direction.
Are you or anyone you know lacking; self-esteem/self-worth, anxiety, depression, co-dependency, ambition, motivation, accountability and social skills.
Have you or anyone you know become co-dependent to drugs or alcohol, video games, television/Netflix, cell phones etc..?

Phillip’s (Phil) passion is to help point struggling people in the direction of recovery and educating and supporting anyone who has been affected by the person’s struggle. He helps his clients—who include children, adults, and families—build healthy self-esteem and strengthen their relationships with themselves and the people in their lives.

Phil completed his Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in 2004. Afterwards, he went on to manage a group home for high-risk youths until 2008.

Phil redirected his career path to become a certified personal trainer in 2009. He quickly noticed that while he was personally training clients, he was life coaching them as well. Phil is a certified life coach and is now currently finishing his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Phil became a professional interventionist and a support worker in treatment centres. He has facilitated many interventions and continues to work with people from all walks of life.

Addiction is a very lonely disease, and Phil will go above and beyond to let people know they are no longer alone. He pushes people to see there is more to their lives and there is a lot to fight for. His passion is to help make people live to their full potential.

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Coast to Coast Life Coaching

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